Sprinkle a little Spice in your Life

In light of the Oscars last week, I always feel inspired by all the talent, the motivational acceptance speeches, and of course ALL of the gorgeous red carpet choices!!!  It reminds me that we all express ourselves through our garments. Our subconscious choices in fabric, color, texture –choices we make every day– make a statement about who we are and how we feel.  What we wear is ‘fluid art’, representing the different facets of our character and personality (btw, have I told you how much fun hanging out with Ana Belaval is?! Omg!! Can’t wait for our next time together!♥).


Why limit those red carpet choices and those red carpet moments for just one night though?! Let’s bring a little more of the Oscar #ritz into our lives NOW, shall we!? Remember our New Years’ resolution that we talked about before? To assign a day or a weekend each month for a spontaneous outing? Try something NEW…push the envelope…dazzle yourself every once in a while! Do something different, something FUN.

So my question for you is, what are some of the ways you could add some red carpet ‘spice to your life’? Have a fancy dinner party with a themed menu? Hang out with someone full of life, that makes you laugh (thank YOU Ana Belaval)?! Have a champagne spa night with your girlfriends at the Peninsula? Or take the Uber Black car to a night out at the theatre with your man, wearing one of his favorite cocktail-chic dresses (and why not take the long way for some private giggles together!) Maybe do iFly?! Maybe surprise him with a protein bar + smoothie, sealed with a kiss? Maybe plan a spontaneous stay-cation in your city and take an architecture tour (the architecture tour here in Chicago is amazing – I highly recommend it!)? Or take a city tour via helicopter to get your blood pumping! Or maybe even dive a little deeper and book a last-minute flight to a nearby city?!

And when all else fails, you can always frolic down the street in your favorite #highfashion gown (thank you for the idea Style Me Pretty) a la the beautiful bride-to-be, Whitney Bischoff ♥ –photo by Carly Michelle.


My hope for you beautiful women, is for you to step out of your comfort zone and flood yourself with an amazing burst of energy! Be bold, be brave, be different! Take that calculated risk and indulge in the planned spontaneity that we challenged ourselves to do this year. If you can’t think of anything, be a kid again! They dare each other! I dare you to do something spontaneous and WRITE US about it. Spontaneity is the closest feeling to love…its new, fresh, surprising, energizing…fall in love with life! These are the actions that will bring more red carpet Oscar moments in our lives. Get ready to spring forward this weekend! Get ready to create moments! GET INSPIRED. BE AWED. FALL IN LOVE WITH THE DAY. You deserve it. We deserve it!!

AML (#allmylove) ~Amanda

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