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Super Sunday Talent

In the spirit of Super Bowl Sunday, I wanted to take this opportunity to appreciate and highlight HARD WORK and TALENT!! I absolutely love how Tom Brady emphasizes to ‘just do YOUR job…focus on what YOU can do!’.

Everywhere you look, you can find talented and hard-working individuals. I love that talent comes in all shapes and sizes. In my opinion, I believe both natural born talent and talent achieved through hard work, are both worthy of the same praise and recognition.

Some are born with more developed natural talent than others, while others have to work really hard at achieving it. What I love about hard-working individuals who are striving for talent, is that they’re OPEN. They’re open to trying. They’re open to failing. They’re open to challenges. They’re open to success. They’re open to growth that only comes from failing forward to success. And THAT should be celebrated!

I’m actually chaperoning a weekend dance competition for my 10-year old daughter as I type this RIGHT NOW, and boy-oh-boy is the talent here AMAZING!! I can’t think of a better way to spend the weekend with my daughter than to be surrounded by passionate and inspirational young women. I love that she’s found a passion, and that she’s putting herself out there, and sharing it with the world. It can be a pretty scary thing to put yourself out there, but she does it with such ease and grace. The thing I’m most proud of is her support and enthusiasm for her teammates who won awards (even when she didn’t win one, Im so proud of how humbly she handled it!) 

I have found that my children have become the best ‘teachers’ of my life, and I admire their strength and both of their individual talents. They remind me to find passions in life and go after them with zest!

I invite you to find passions in your life and to challenge yourselves and to put yourselves out there! We might fall on our faces, but at least we’ll fall TOGETHER!!!

♥ So, let’s Cheers to the Super Bowl!!
Let’s cheers to all those who follow their passions!!
And let’s cheers to all the people who inspire YOU!!! ♥

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  1. Very well written Amanda as well as inspiring! Thank for for sharing and I’m looking forward the next mom and daughter Dance weekend!

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