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Work Your Plan

Hello sweet friends!

Again, I want to say THANK YOU for going on this journey with me! It’s undeniable that life moves so quickly around us. It’s so hard to find the time to stay on track with our goals, or even set aside time to keep up with the fun things…like this blog! 😉 In my busy life, I block time to do something spontaneous; whether that be an adventurous helicopter ride with my kids or baking something delicious in the kitchen. Incorporating “planned spontaneity” is something I have learned and is something I LOVE.

As promised, here is my fool-proof DAILY PLAN to stay on track!

• First, I start my day with my “what I’m thankful for” Mantra and my Spark drink! I thank myself for the day, even if it includes great challenges. I reset my children’s mindset too by asking them every morning, “what did you dream about?” because I believe you must dream it before you achieve it!

• Next, I feed the family a power breakfast, drop them off to school and then workout! I get a lot more done when I’m energized, so my workout comes first. An ironclad health and wellness plan helps create a solid foundation for everything else. My gym, STUDIO THREE, is only a block from Belle Vie, so I have no excuse! Studio Three focuses on high intensity interval training, cycling, and yoga ALL under one roof. I highly recommend it. If you want to give it a try, just mention my name and they’ll supply you with a discount code. CHECK IT OUT http://studiothree.com

• Lastly, I make a healthy lunch and snacks to eat at work, making sure I have the right fuel for my body to keep up with my fast pace! I make sure to eat protein before carbs!

♥Most importantly, my favorite part of my morning routine happens to be walking out the door with the kids to our new day. We have our family mantra hanging beside the door to remind us and to inspire us to be the best we can be, the nicest we can be, and to always do the right thing♥

• I work my plan! I get the most important items done FIRST, when I have the most energy. Then I do the things I want to do AFTER! My kids can recite my mantra: “Do the things you need to do, before you do the things you want to do”.
• Next comes my fun to-do items…sketching, working with clients, training my team on some reading I’ve recently been inspired by.
• I pick up my kids from school every day at 3:30 (that is MY lunch break, or what I call my LOVE break♥)

• I go over my plan for the next day, putting the mundane items at the TOP of my list
• I take a few moments of quiet time on my pillow to reset my mind, and I think about my PURPOSE and my WHY behind what I’m doing. (And oh yes, I ask my kids what they are thankful for as I kiss them goodnight)
• Finally, I fall asleep reading articles from the Harvard Business Review, Forbes and Entrepreneur…because after all, that’s what you’ll dream about 😉 And of course, I also love to dream about having a home in Nantucket!

“Whatever you want to get better at; do 1% more each day. 1% a day, compounded, is 3800% a year. YOU WIN” –James Altucher

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