3 Major Tips to Recycle Your Indian Ethnic Fashion Apparel

Indian culture and Fashion

Indian culture is full of occasions and grand wedding weeks including days and nights. There are many relatives and friends circle of an Indian person. For Indians buying Indian ethnic fashion clothes need an occasion or any event. Most Indian women await for wedding seasons so as to buy different fashion apparel to wear at the weddings.

Some women are shopping aficionados so they buy different wedding attire for each wedding venue of their friends and family. Indians don’t wear ethnic wear on casual days. So it is very important that Indian women should choose fashion apparel such that they can repeat it whenever they want. Otherwise, this ethnic wear becomes rarely repetitive once used.

There are ladies who wear their Indian bridal dress only on their wedding date. But later it becomes tight or loose as per their fitness. So they can’t able to use it again on any occasion.

However, every Indian woman has doubts and several questions in their mind. For example, What to do when you have several good ethnic wears in your closet but you can’t wear them twice or thrice for events? The simple answer to all the questions is ‘RECYCLE’. 

You can reuse your exquisite Indian and Bridal clothing with certain savvy techniques, a touch of fitting and clever tweaking. 

The following are a couple of tips that you can follow – so you won’t have to leave behind your cherished customary buys –

1. Tips for Wedding Ensemble and other weighty things in your linen

It’s generally simpler to RECYCLE your wedding clothing, assuming that you had put resources into a work of art. Excessively eccentric or faddish pieces are to some degree hard to re-style, however, you should in any case attempt.

  • The Indo-Western Look – Traditional skirts, lehengas and chaniyas are eagerly match with easier pullovers, because of the most stylish trend styling. Pursue this direction for your potential benefit, and utilize your lovely wedding lehenga on numerous occasions. Match your dressy lehenga with a more drawn out, more shy top – in a Western outline. Try not to take a dupatta.
  • Dress it down – Pair your lehenga with a more straightforward choli, in plain glossy silk/silk – with no weaving, and a plain net or printed silk dupatta. The shades of the new augmentations should be distinguish from the lehenga. Analyze, and pick strikingly various tones. This will make a completely new outfit – and you will wind up spending way lesser.
  • Cut it up? – If you have the heart, slice up your lehenga to diminish its length or its flare (eliminate a couple of Kalis). Fish-style lehengas can be cut in two sections; cut at the knee length. The thin piece will give you a remarkable, conventional pencil skirt. To the lower half, add a plain elasticated belt midsection to make a more limited, erupted skirt. Decent, eh! Today, numerous architects re-build lovely Bandhgalas and Kurtis from marriage lehengas. Perhaps a couple of years after your wedding, it’s not an ill-conceived notion!
  • The Blouse Chronicles – Heavy cholis and shirts from the wedding clothing can be match with plainer, lighter sarees or plain Chaniyas/Bohemian Skirts. You may likewise wear luxurious shirts under net/transparent capes and long coats, which are stylish at this point. To convey this look, match your dressy wedding pullover with a sharara style erupted pants or palazzos, and conceal with a long, organise, straightforward coat. Assuming that you are into combination wear, vigorously weave cholis will be your smartest options while completing a Denims-Choli combo.
  • The Flying Dupatta – The wonderful, precious stones encrusted, zardozi embroiderery dupatta that is a piece of your marriage gathering is too beautiful to possibly be squander. You will see numerous Punjabi ladies getting plain salwar suits sew in a similar variety and texture as their lehenga. Why? Matching the lehenga’s dupatta with these plain suits is smart. In the event that wearing this weighty dupatta isn’t your favourite – cut it up! Re-develop your delightful wedding odhani to make to-kick the bucket for Kurtis/Bandhgala/Cape or Kameez.

2. Saree Tips

Weighty wedding sarees are not truly wearable, given their pomposity, splendid varieties, weighty weaving, thick material and so forth.

  • Contribute Right – Try not to purchase an excessive number of intensely weaved sarees in faddish plans. Stick to works of art, as they wear well.
  • Continue to change your cholis and pullovers – Rather than adhering to the shirts produced using the material that accompanies the saree, go ahead and analyze. Get your blousons sew in differentiating material, varieties, prints and, surprisingly, unique work.
  • Re-build – Sarees are only 6 yards of free streaming texture. Thus, you can do a lot of re-cycling with this marvel attire. Slice up your plainer sarees to make chaniyas or skirts to be worn on Navratri and lighter capacities, celebrations and so on. They may likewise be re-built into Anarkali Kameez or Kalidaar Kameez/Jacket. The fancy pallus might be utilise as stitches on dupattas for these articles of clothing, or you might slice them up to make separate Kurtis/pullovers and so forth. Flowy shararas and palazzos may likewise be made from sarees with borders.
  • Join – Okay, this might sound a piece insane, yet you can cut up two of your sarees in comparative textures, yet differentiating varieties or components – in equal parts. Get a deft darner to fasten up the portion of one saree with the portion of another – presto, you have an originator, self-made saree.
  • Dupatta changes – You might slice up your saree to make a dupatta and kameez set. If you just have any desire to keep the dupatta, gift the other half-length of the texture to a companion.
  • Gown Outfits/Dresses – Sarees can be supernaturally changed into beautiful Indo-western outfits and dresses, giving you a proficient designer/fashioner available to your no matter what.

3. Other Tips

  • Match your dhoti pants with short, straight cotton kurtas for the stylish glitz look.
  • Wear a long Kameez with a weaving point of interest over tight sets of stockings, and perceive how trendy you look.
  • Group crop tops and sleeveless net coats with sarees for that super stylish energy.
  • Supplant weighty Salwars in your architect salwar suits with trendier cigarette pants, wide-legged culottes and lower leg length stockings with zipper subtleties.
  • Re-build your long Anarkali kurtas into long, open front coats/capes.

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